We specialize in participation methods, and aim to involve the end-users from start to completion of a project. We are often described as the “social worker of architecture” - and are proud of that! We only work with projects who have a social or communal aim.

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Insight & Co-Design

We facilitate for end-users to be included in an architectural process. We are the link between the client and end-users. We map the users needs and wishes. We have a variety of tools that we adapt to every project. Then we can make a design based on the insight, transforming ideas to doable concepts - or hand the information over to a collaborating partner/client.

Inclusive Building

Inclusive Building

Is our method to achieve ownership when you want to implement a change in a community, public- or interior space. We also use the method to increase empowerment and self-esteem for the participants. We can facilitate for volunteer participation, but we recommend to hire a local team of unskilled builders to work with our guidance. This way, we are able to give payed work to people in our target group.


Talks & Teaching

We strongly believe in what we do - and want to teach and tell others about our methods. We want to inspire people to become more aware of our social responsibility as professionals, especially within our own professional environment.


We love to work in interdisciplinary teams! Our collaborators:

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Growlab Oslo is a group of designers and urban activists specialised in human-centered and participatory working methods.


Maiken Riis Eilertsen is a creative anthropologists who offer qualitative analyses and user involvement.