We are always welcoming new volunteers to the hub! Please enroll to our volunteergroup on Facebook (by pressing the button above) and sign-up by sending in the form on the bottom of this page. There are two ways of engaging in MakersHub:

1. Drop-in volunteers

Being what we call drop-in volunteer entails participating for a couple of hours when we do workshops or have a project over time. You dont necessarily take part in the planning, you are more interested in joining the hub for the social and creative factor. To be a drop-in volunteer you dont need to have any particularly skills - anyone can join. Our drop-in volunteers are very important, since we often rely on help from a lot of people when we do projects.


2. Professional-based volunteers / join our collective

As a professional-based volunteer you participate with the skills you are trained in. It can be a designer, architect, writer or economist. The participation can either be related to a specific project, or to the general development of the organisation.

Since we are a small organisation run by a group of passionate people, we do not have a "base structure" as many other organisations you might be familiar with. Joining our hub means being part of our community. We often initiate to do projects with other collaborators, or get asked and invited to run workshops for events, companies and festivals. Our structure is organic - and we are looking for people to join who share our mindset. 

At the moment we are specially looking for people who can help us with: writing applications, fundraising, design & architecture, economy and media. 


As a first step to make contact with us, please fill in the below sign-up form and we will make contact with you :) 



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