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Help us build the new Romano Kher




Romano Kher is a new Roma culture and resource center. In 2015 the Norwegian primeminister apologised, on behalf of the government, the racist exclusion policy that was brought against Norwegian roma people in decades before and after World War II.

The apology was followed by a collective redress. Kirkens Bymisjon was given the responsibility to lead the project and, and together with the Norwegian roma people, they decided to establish a Roma culture and resource center. And now it's happening!

They are still looking for the right the building in which the center will be established - but in 2018 they will temporarily create a children's and youth club in the Old Town Church. MakersHub was commissioned to design the new interior - and this is what we now are going to build!

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To participate, you need no special skills just a good attitude and a warm heart!

To coordinate and communicate with volunteers - we have a volunteer group on Facebook, please join for updated information. If you have any questions, make a post in the group and we will respond to you there :)

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In totalt, we have planned for 15 building days spread over four weeks, starting from 7. March until 3. April. Press the button 'I WANT TO HELP' to see an overview of the dates. We have two shifts each day: 11.30 - 15.30 & 16.00 - 20.00. If you cant make it exactly these timeslots, just let us know. We are flexible! 

Basically the work task is to build the new interior. This entails handling power tools as a circular saw, mitre saw and drills. We will teach you - and if you are not comfortable using these tools, we have other tasks you can do as painting. We are going to build 10 specially designed 'modules' adding up to 35 singular pieces.

On each shift we will be 2-4 teamleaders from MakersHub plus a team of 4-6 people from Romano Kher. And plus a couple of you volunteers, we might be a team at 10-15 people each shift. FUN!