Almost all of our projects are different due to its scale and topic. But we do follow some basic principles in each process:


In the fist phase of a project, DEFINE, we have either observed a challenge we find interesting, or someone have approached us with an idea (or hired us). We call this step DISCOVER. After that, we RESEARCH a lot. Often in close collaboration together with the targeted focus group. We investigate and decide upon a proposal of change, which we further on CONCEPTUALISE. Sometimes we go several rounds around the circle to find the best DEFINITION of a project. Sometimes we also have to work out a FINANCE plan for the project:  calculating costs, making budgets, maybe applying for funds or raising money

Then we move to phase two, IMPLEMENTATION. We do not aim to end our projects on a piece of paper - we carry them through to the end, with our favourite element in the process, MAKING. But before we reach this step, we DESIGN further in detail and then PLAN how to execute the project. Here we also plan how to engage and coordinate our volunteers.  Then we MAKE in a collective way. A lot of new faces shake hands and collaborate on creating. It is a universal language, and you dont need any particular skills to participate. The project is grounded on the self-building spirit, but we make sure its correct handled where it need to be by a skilled craftsman. Sometimes we MAKE a couple of hours together, sometimes weeks. Sometimes its temporarily installations, and sometimes permanent. We enjoy doing both. But after each MAKING, we REFLECT upon the process and the learning outcomes. This way, we ensure to bring with us new knowledge to each project after one another.